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Project /Expertise
Kirk Morgan
My area of expertise is wood chewing! I've been a builder for the last wee while.
My resource kit is all about the hamilton jet boat.
Debra Wood
My kit is to highlight how computer developments impact on society through looking at animation and how Weta made an animated TV series within budget for a TV company (Jane & Dragon). Links to Intel, free animation software and tutorials. A movie of recent special effects and animations(edited and suitable for the junior classroom!)- also Alice another free programming resource designed for younger students - updated regularly - LOL - (@_@)
My Y11 unit plan has been marked and was all good. It is on designing a teaching resource and linked to the TVNZ digital challenge that runs each year for the whole of term 3 - I'll link it up soon.
I have a broad area of interest in technology from biotechnology, electronics and control, production processes through to computing. My kit is about the fiber cement production process and how it came to be voted the most innovative building product in the US in the last 20 years (in 2000). You can reach me on 07 8966005 or 0275 999845.
Nicola Healy

Graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts double major fine art as well as graphic design.
Course project: Spreadable butter, areas covered include; chemistry, patents (and associated issues), commercial processing and production, export, ....there are probably more and I will add them later.
Medwyn Popplewell
My area of Technology is ICT, with a major bend towards Database and Security.
My resource kit is going to look at Animation, with the likes of Lord of the Rings, King Kong etc as the tie in to NZ Technology.
Emma Morwood
I graduated with a Bachelor of Design with a Textile major.
My resource kit is on the Swanndri.
Katie O'Donnell
Graduated last year with a bachelor of visual arts majoring in computer graphics.
my resource kit is on the computer controlled artifical reef
My area of Technology is textiles.
I have a Diploma of Fine Arts(Hons) in Sculpture.
My resource kit is on the Marching Uniforms
Zoe Lee
My resourse kit subject is about Kiwi Bog, a New Zealand designed and made composting toilet. My main interests are Education for Sustainability and integrated studies generally. So though I have a mostly science background (BSc Bio Sci), Technology is the subject closest to my heart. I have a TeachNZ scholarship courtesy of the Biotechnology degree I started 25 years ago so I'm bonded to teaching tech fro the next 4 years. I hope to make technology units on composting and seedling production to support school gardens at secondary level.
Jane Bloxham
My main area is textiles and I have been teaching on a LAT having done some tertiary teaching in the past.
I have a degree in Applied Art and textiles was my major although I did seem to end up with more multi-media towards the end of my third year.
I am looking at smart fibres and fabrics for my kit.
John de Burgh
jdeburgh@ihug.co.nz or jdeburgh@qec.school.nz
My area of teaching is IT and Geography (New to the Geography bit) but been working in IT since 1982. Main interest in IT is Hardware, Networking; but also a 'dab' hand at the usual applications - "jack of all trades and maybe master of none"; after all there is so much out there and it's forever changing!
I have many, many outside interests from Music (playing guitar etc to Flying, to 4x4ing), there is not much I have not had a go at- after all life is to be lived!
Tracey Lissington
Another textiles chick... I have also worked as a Graphic Designer, and have a BCapSc Degree from Otago majoring in Design.
My resource kit is about Merino textiles, concentrating on the Cocooi Baby Wrap as a main feature.
Adam Watkins
Hey all!, when i graduate i will have a Bachalor of education, majoring in physical education. My second teaching subject will be technology, with my area of expertise being IT.
My resource kit is based around the Hinaki (Maori eel trap), where my main focus of the kit and Hinaki idea emphasises enviromentally friendly/'clean green New Zealand technologies'.

Kirk Morgan